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Music Ministry

Music Ministry Leader: Amanda Sherrill

Music is a vital part of our church services. It’s an opportunity for reflection, renewal, and religious expression. It is a learning environment as well as a form of expression. Music unites a congregation and allows us to have one voice in our worship to God.

Mission Statement
Provide an atmosphere of worhip to our church body. Lift up the name of Jesus as an expression of our gratitude. To equip our music department in excellent, professional Christian music so that we serve God and our fellow Christians in the church. Assist in the moving of the Holy Ghost by creating an atmosphere of worship.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to sing with anointing. Provide an opportunity for church members to use their God-given talents for His glory. Promote spiritual growth among music team members as well as our fellow church members. Set an example of worship to people of our church and outside of our church, as well.